The confectionery factory of JSC "Bayan Sulu" produces more than 300 types of high-quality confectionery products, with a volume of 85 thousand tons per year, that meet the high requirements of the Kazakhstani and world markets.


AsiaAgrofood JSC carries out deep processing of corn and wheat grains, the production of flour and animal feed, molasses and maltose. JSC "AsiaAgrofood" carries out:
Production of flour - 100 thousand tons per year.
Mixed feed - 60 thousand tons per year.

BioOperations LLP produces Bioethanol, benzanol, as well as starch, gluten, animal feed, carbon dioxide. Production volumes at the plant: Flour production - 270,000 tons. in year Starch - 60,000 tons per year Gluten - 18,000 tons per year Bioethanol - 18,000 tons per year Dry stillage - 30,000 tons per year Carbon dioxide - 17,000 tons per year Benzanol - 180,000 tons per year


At the meat processing plant of Emc Agro LLP, meat products are processed and 3000 tons per year of sausages, semi-finished products 2400 tons per year, minced meat 6000 tons per year.

Group of companies "KazFoodProducts"

specializes in deep processing of grain crops for the production of starch products, bread flour, high-quality feed for farm animals – B2B sector. The second specialization is the production of confectionery – B2C sector. The third specialization is the production of bioethanol and benzanol with the production of wheat starch, gluten and high-quality animal feed at the same time.

The group has existed since 1996, is part of the sector of starch products manufacturers, since 2006 it has been one of the leading manufacturers of confectionery and grain processors in Kazakhstan. The holding began its activity with the production of high-quality baking flour, and since the beginning of 2000, it has been engaged in the development of confectionery products.

All production enterprises are fully provided with the necessary production and engineering infrastructure. The holding employs over 4 thousand employees.

Thus, the existing production capacities of the enterprises of the Group of the Holding Company allow potentially producing sugar, flour and chocolate confectionery products per year and carrying out deep processing of grain crops up to 600,000 tons per year.

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